Little Bo Peep


Molly's toys, Molly's family, Andy's toys


Her family

Love Interest



Toy Story

Potrayed by

Annie Potts


Molly's house

Kind of toy

Porcilan Dress up doll


Toy, Woody's girlfriend

Where now

Being loved by another kid

Bo Peep is a main character is the toy story series she is Wood's girlfriend.Or Bo for short.

Bo PeepEdit

It is unknown what collection or toy line Bo Peep is from but she is apart of Molly's toy collection along with Barbie, Sheep and Mrs.Potato head. This sassy shepherdess may sometimes lose her sheep - but not her cool. Bo Peep is smart, sensible, and quick to share her opinions, and she always stands by her sheriff.Bo peep is a girl and falls in love with woody these are toys that come to life.

by Daisy May Lyons x x x


  • Toy Story
  • Toy Story 2
  • Toy Story 3 (Cameo)


  • Originally Woody's girlfriend was going to be a barbie doll but suddenly he saw that inside Mrs.Bo Peep was actually she was very pretty.
  • by Daisy May lyons

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