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The set is the first lego toy story set created and it will only cost you about $20 or $19


Lego set

Place in movieEdit

The original toy story Woody has just lit a rocket on Buzz.

By land and air, the race is on to catch Andy’s moving van!

Woody and Buzz are racing to catch up with Andy’s moving van! Pull back on their car friend RC and release to make him zoom into action at top speed with the Toy Story™ heroes aboard. Not fast enough? Grab onto Buzz’s rocket and take to the air! Includes Woody, Buzz Lightyear with rocket, and buildable RC with pull-back motor.

  • Includes Woody, Buzz Lightyear with rocket, and buildable RC
  • Pull back RC and watch him take off!
  • Attach Buzz to the Big One Rocket
  • Includes Woody and Buzz minifigures
  • Car measures 5" (13cm) long

Main ObstacleEdit

The RC car.

Mini figuresEdit

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