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    Jessie is owned by Andy but originally owned by Emily.

    Originally Jessie was owned by Emily.Emily had all kinds of Woody's roundup merchandise.Jessie and Emily were best friend and they did almost everything together.

    But Later Emily got older and started doing things like toe-nail painting and talking on the phone with other friends instead of playing with Jessie.When Jessie thought Emily would still like her when she was off to college she took her to a donate box until Al might have found Jessie for his Woody's Roundup Collection.

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  • Master ventus

    Hamm does not seem like he could be a good toy story collection toy considering their is one in the disney store exactually like the one in the movie also Hamm is just a normal piggy bought at the dollar store.

    It would be nice to have a toy story collection Wheezy but he is a normal penguin squeeky toy but the closest replica of Wheezy you can get is Toy Story and Beyond Fire Fighter Woody.

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  • Master ventus
    • November-23-2010

    Woody,Buzz,Jessie,Bullseye,Rex,Wheezy (Woody found),The potato heads,Hamm,Slinky and the aliens adventure to rescue Bo Peep,Etch,Rocky,Zurg,Utility Belt Buzz Lightyear,RC and of course Barbie and Ken before Bonnie comes home but when Woody gets caught by a human but not any human Sid's son.At the end Bonnie gets new toys including Barbie and Ken,Bo Peep,Etch,Rocky,Snake and Robot,Zurg,Utility belt buzz lightyear,Tour guide Barbie,Rc and Sid's toys clean off and non scary.At the end months later Mrs.Davis and Molly go to Mrs.Anderson and Bonnie's house for Thanks Giving Dinner while Bonnie and Andy greet each other Bonnie shows Andy her new toys Andy is actually surprised to see some of his old toys.At the very end Travis Phi…

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