Toy Story 4

  • November-23-2010

Woody,Buzz,Jessie,Bullseye,Rex,Wheezy (Woody found),The potato heads,Hamm,Slinky and the aliens adventure to rescue Bo Peep,Etch,Rocky,Zurg,Utility Belt Buzz Lightyear,RC and of course Barbie and Ken before Bonnie comes home but when Woody gets caught by a human but not any human Sid's son.At the end Bonnie gets new toys including Barbie and Ken,Bo Peep,Etch,Rocky,Snake and Robot,Zurg,Utility belt buzz lightyear,Tour guide Barbie,Rc and Sid's toys clean off and non scary.At the end months later Mrs.Davis and Molly go to Mrs.Anderson and Bonnie's house for Thanks Giving Dinner while Bonnie and Andy greet each other Bonnie shows Andy her new toys Andy is actually surprised to see some of his old toys.At the very end Travis Phillips (Sid's son) loses his memory about toys coming to life and goes home before thanks giving.At the very end Andy is going home to his mother and little sister but before he goes he picks up Woody,Jessie and Bullseye at says "Oh no another haunted bakery) And Bonnie grabs Hamm,Mr.Potato head and Dolly and says "And the villans are attacking too" Andy and Bonnie play but for the first time even Molly Andy's little sister joins in the fun.At the end of the movie Andy and Bonnie finally become good friends and Andy returns to collage until Christmas vacation.During Christmas Bonnie and Andy give each other toys and they play with their old toys and new ones together.Before the credits roll Andy drives back to collage saying he'll see his new friend Bonnie on spring break and Wheezy sings you got a friend in me.

Buzz Lightyear:Next gen

December-7-2010 At sunnyside daycare Bonnie and Andy's toys get a dvd of the buzz lightyear movie were Buzz and the gang get lost in time and have to escape from a new villan Tempus from Morth.

Toy Story 5

June''-15-2011 The movie starts out with the toys writing and coloring a story of their adventures but when Bonnie comes in the toys are ready for playtime but for an hour the toys go to Andy's collage called "Tri County-Universersity" but when Andy comes back into his room the toys hide into his backpack while Buzz accidentally falls out the window (Not pushed,not slipped just fell) So now Woody,Jessie,Slinky,The Potato heads,The aliens,Rex and Bo Peep go on an adventure to find Buzz but they don't know where he is until he is being sold in Canada to a little boy with a Zurg action figure and the toys must go to Japan in one whole week to save Buzz.