Toy Story  The first time Woody's hat is removed when Andy was playing with him and said, "Hello" to Molly. Woody's hat was gone when Mr. Shark was pretending to be Woody. When Woody is in the van on the way to Pizza Planet, his head lies on his hat while he thinks how he will convince the other toys knocking Buzz out the window was an accident The next time Woody loses his hat is when he was in the milk crate, when Sid dropped a toolbox on the crate.

Toy Story 2Edit

In the beginning of Toy Story 2, Woody had lost his hat and looked everywhere for it. Slinky appeared and told him he had found Woody's hat. When the cleaner came to fix Woody, he took Woody's hat and hangs it on a hat stand. Then in the ending, Jessie held onto Woody after he slipped on the plane, as they held on, his hat blew off. But Buzz caught it from under them.

Toy Story 3Edit

When Woody begins to go back to Andy all by himself, he slips out of the Caterpillar Room and hops onto the caretaker's cart and climbs up a cubicle wall and hauls himself up onto the roof. After climbing up onto the roof, Woody looks around over the playground to find his way out, and the wind blows his hat off. His hat skids across the roof and stops next to an old, green kite on the roof, It gives Woody an idea, the cowboy puts his hat back on his head and grabs the kite to soar over the playground. Just as he makes a perfect landing outside, a sudden updraft yanks him high into the air. The crossbar snaps and Woody falls into a tree, his hat falls off and his pull string catches on a branch. Bonnie finds him and takes him home but leaves his hat on the grass outside the daycare centre. Lotso gives it to the other toys and Bullseye gives Woody's hat back when Woody comes back to Sunnyside

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