Woody's Roundup
Woody's Roundup


Toy Story 2





Woody's Roundup is a fictional television show that aired in the 50's.

The show featured Woody and his many pals. Jessie is his best friend and one of the "rootin-tootin-est cowfolk in the west". Woody also has a pet horse named Bullseye. Bullseye is his trusty steed and preforms many tasks for him. The show itself has a quite the few comedy bits as shown in Toy Story 2. The final main character in the show is Stinky Pete, who is an old prospector who does some ridiculous and questionable things in the show. In a scene shown in the film, Stinky Pete sits on some dynamite and his bottom catches on fire.

The show stopped airing after it began to slip in the ratings. The final episode of the show ended on a cliffhanger too. With the show getting canceled, its merchandise sold like crazy enhancing the price on various collertors items. Al Mcwhiggin‎‎ is one of the many collectors of this merchandise.

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